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12 Month Warranty on all our work

Apple Parts Ltd only use the best quality parts and employ the best technicians, so you can therefore rest assured that all repairs are carried out to the highest possible standards. All of our Mac Repairs are carried out on site at our Milton Keynes based store.

In the unlikely event of a problem we offer a full 12 months warranty on all repairs for your peace of mind.

What we Cover

The original repair, including all parts and labour are covered by our 12 month warranty

What we don't Cover

Subsequent damage caused by the customer

Damage resulting from misuse

Any kind of Liquid Damage

Software related issues

Faults not relating to the original repair done. eg. if we replace the charging port the warranty would not cover a faulty power button. This also includes work done to repair water/liquid damage.

Battery replacements will only be covered for 1 month due to the way charging them can affect performance. For advice on how to best maintain your battery please feel free to speak to one of our expert technicians.

Loss of data (please backup your device before getting repaired)

If a subsequent repair is done by the customer or another repair company after being repaired by Apple Parts Ltd this voids our warranty