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Replacement battery for iPhone 5c Due to item being a lithium battery, these are classed as prohibited goods, which cannot be sent through normal post for example Royal Mail, a special courier is required to deliver these items, this is why there is an additional charge for postage. We also ask for buyers email address and phone number for our courier to send out the item.

Compatible Devices

A1456 CDMA/US/Japan 16GB

A1456 CDMA/US/Japan 32GB

A1456 CDMA/US/Japan 8GB

A1507 UK/Europe/Middle East 16GB

A1507 UK/Europe/Middle East 32GB

A1507 UK/Europe/Middle East 8GB

A1516 China Mobile 32GB

A1516 China Mobile 8GB

A1516 China Mobile16GB

A1526 China Unicom 16GB

A1526 China Unicom 32GB

A1526 China Unicom 8GB

A1529 Asia Pacific 16GB

A1529 Asia Pacific 32GB

A1529 Asia Pacific 8GB

A1532 CDMA/China Telecom 16GB

A1532 CDMA/China Telecom 32GB

A1532 CDMA/China Telecom 8GB

A1532 CDMA/Verizon 16GB

A1532 CDMA/Verizon 32GB

A1532 CDMA/Verizon 8GB

A1532 GSM/North America 16GB

A1532 GSM/North America 32GB

A1532 GSM/North America 8GB