Apples March Event


With Apples event arriving soon, there could be a lot to be excited about. We’ve heard the rumours that Apple will be realising a new iPad Pro, but this also could be the time that Apple release the new iPhone SE 2 or iPhone 9.


There are a lot of rumours surfacing about what the design will be, what features will the device have and also will it have a home button? These are answers we are going to have to wait for, but we can presume that it will take the style and design of the iPhone 8.


The only problem Apple has is the coronavirus effecting there manufacturing. Apple seem keen to present the new iPhone SE 2 in March, but there seems to be delays with the manufacturing of this device. Apple have already warned their investors that they will no longer meet their Q2 2020 revenue guidance due to the impact of the coronavirus. The company has confirmed that the manufacturing is constrained and production is ramping up more slowly than they had anticipated.

Nikkei states that the iPhone SE 2 is to be badly affected by this. The suppliers are doing their best to produce and ship the iPhone SE 2 within four week, but there are mass delays. Production was supposed to start in February but now sources are saying that it has been delayed till sometime in March. Now the question is, will Apple still release the new iPhone SE 2 in March even though they have no stock available to sell?

And we all hope that this doesn’t have a drastic affect on the iPhone 12 being released later this year.