iPad Pro?


With March around the corner, is it time that Apple revamp the iPad Pro series?


March is often the time of the year where Apple makes its first big announcement of the year. We’ve had the introduction of Apple Arcade, Apple Card, Apple News+ and Apple TV+ but also years before we’ve had the iPad 9.7” introduced.


The iPad pro hasn’t been updated since October 2018. So with all the rumours surfacing, we should hope to see a new version in March.


The question is what could the new iPad Pro bring to the table?


One of the largest rumours at the moments, Is the new iPad Pro having a pro rear camera set up. The iPad currently only uses a single 12-megapixel camera, but the rumour is that the iPad will follow the iPhone 11 Pro rear camera set up, with 3 rear cameras. For some people, they might not like this idea, as there has been a lot of controversy about how the rear of the iPhone 11 Pros look. But if the iPad is to get this update rear camera set up, then it will earn its name as a Pro iPad, taking fantastic images. There have also been rumours about 3D-sensing feature using lasers, which will aid with AR capabilities.


We also think that its time for the iPad Pro to have a new keyboard. With the recent Apple models being able to support the Smart Keyboard, making the iPad Pro, not so much of a Pro. There is a possibility that the new keyboard will use the MacBook Pro 16” scissor-switch mechanism and possibly have backlighting. This new keyboard will make the iPad Pro become the premium iPad again.


When it comes to the processor, most of Apples tablets tend to use the X variant of the A-series chips, which usually means better performance and graphics. The most recent iPad Pro uses the A12X Bionic Chip while the new iPhone 11 Pro line up uses the A13 Bionic chip. Now we would expect the new iPad to use an A13X Bionic Chip, but there have been occasions where Apple have skipped a year, like there was never an A11x. So we could be in store for a new A14X chip and could this be what the new iPhones realising in September be using?


There is so much going around about the new iPad Pro, but I guess we will have to wait and see in March if a new device gets released.