As we all know, iOS 13 has been a bumpy ride, but Apple are trying to solve all bugs and make features available that were promised.


In the latest update of iOS 13 brings iOS 13.2.3. This new update improves your iPhone and includes bug fixes. 

- Resolves issues with the Mail. There were problems for Mail to fetch new messages and failed to include original message content in accounts.

- Fixes an issue that would prevent apps from downloading content in the background.

- Fixes an issue where search within Mail, Notes, Files and system search may not work.

- Resolves the problem where photos, links and other attachments may not display in the Messages details view. 


Updating to this software is simple. Just go to the Settings app, then General, then Software Update.


Even though this new update has just been released, we know Apple are currently beta-testing iOS 13.3, so stay tuned.